Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day Cemetery Crawl

We started the Mother's Day festivities with waffles, sausage, eggs and coffee first thing Sunday morning, then hit Kentucky Fried for the mid-day meal.  The temps were perfect for outdoor recreation, so we visited some of the rural cemeteries in our neighborhood.  We reminisced over family names and local history.  We need to go back with a shovel to this grave and level it up a bit.  Some around it have lost their spires, and they are nowhere to be seen.  This cemetery is missing a bunch of stones, and that is a trend we have seen in the last thirty years.  One of the locals will mow the cemetery with a Bush-Hog, knock down a few stones every time, and then dispose of the evidence instead of placing them back where they belong.  One cemetery that has most of its stones has an interesting story.  A neighbor was hired to mow it, and the stones were not laid out so he could run his tractor through it.  He rearranged the stones so he could do a neat job from the seat of his tractor.  That's better than many others have done, so I give him Kudos for that. 

A reputation can follow you for a long time.  One fellow buried near here had to be carried down a dirt road by the pallbearers on a rainy day, and then the casket had to be lifted over a fence.  While he was being handed over in a downpour, the pallbearers lost their grip and dropped him.  One of the men is still quoted as sputtering, "The old sonofabitch is STILL causing trouble!"

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