Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Fair Catch

 I enjoy catching old cars out in the sticks, and avoid taking photos of junkers I see along public highways; heck, that's sort of like poaching deer.
 One of my bigger tree planting jobs this year required multiple visits over several months, and the planting took place recently.  I checked on the progress, and made my final inspection last week.

This was a rough job for the contractor, because much of the acreage had volunteer trees coming up, requiring zig-zags, dodges, and difficult turnarounds.  There is hardly a straight row on over 100 acres of upland planting.

 And on my last visit, I ran across this sad old classic.  There isn't much that can be said about this one.  It's too far gone for any hope of restoration, but it's off the beaten path far enough that scrappers haven't swiped it.


c w swanson said...

Nice find. Too many great classics end up like this.

The Freeholder said...

Yes, but there are some parts there that could live on. They don't make chrome like that any more.