Friday, October 9, 2015

Gary Bahre's Latest Bessemer Update: It Runs!

Here is Gary's writeup and YouTube video:

Published on Oct 9, 2015
The 8 hp Vertical Bessemer is running, after a lot of work the old mail box engine gets a new lease on life. A new sleeve, shop built connecting rod and the air/gas intake valve rebuild. The air/gas valve seat has holes drilled into the seat, I had to get the valve to seal on both sides of the seat for it to run. This old engine sat along a rock road holding a mail box for many years. There was a short story in Gas Engine Magazine about it several years ago. Everything was rusted stuck and in sad shape. Over this winter the rest of the work will take place, a cart to move it around, the cooling tank installed, the engine dialed in and the paint touched up. Most of the videos I post are of other peoples Iron, but this one is just one of mine, I hope you liked the progress of bring this old engine back to life. Enjoy

Think about this: Gary and Peggy are the only living persons who have seen and heard this engine in person. It's really good of Gary to make the restoration public through YouTube and SmokStak for engine lovers to enjoy. There is much to be done to the Bessemer yet so that it will be a good showpiece, and Gary's reports are going to stop until the final product is ready for its coming out party.

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