Thursday, October 8, 2015

Pity The Poor Bumblebee

It's good pickin's for bees and other insects in Susan's flower gardens, but summer is over and flowers are looking a bit worn. Frost could arrive any day, and the 80 degree days this week aren't fooling us.

It is interesting and a bit sad to watch the bumblebees work the flowers. They are putting on a tremendous effort to have the young queens fed well so they will be ready to go into hiding until next spring. The queens are the only ones to survive the winter; these workers will die with the frost or soon after.

They persevere, blissfully ignorant of the sad end they are soon to meet.

They are going out in a little blaze of glory. The goldenrod and boneset are just about done, and they will all wither away in another week or so. One frost and these flowers will be done, too. These little gals are making sure that life will go on next year.

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