Wednesday, October 7, 2015

October e-Postal: Boo! Boo! Boom!

Susan put together a Halloween-themed target again this year, and it's a good one! Shoot at 25 feet with pistols, 25 yards with rifles, any position as long as both hands are on your gun. CLICK HERE to download the pdf file.

Ten shots per target, multiple hits on any figure are OK. Add the pertinent info at the bottom of the target, scan or photograph your targets and e-mail them to TrueBlueTravelinman (at) gmail (dot) com. We will sort your targets out into classes by caliber and sights. Non-magnified red dots will be classed with iron sights. You have the rest of October, and maybe the first part of November; we will see how it goes.

Five points per hit on ghosts, ten points for bats, twenty points for an eye, fifty points for connecting the eyes.

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