Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Billll's Ghost Ring Sights For Rugers!

Bill, of Billll's Idle Mind is manufacturing replacement sights for Rugers, and they are a boon for old eyes. I ordered some of these and installed the first one on my Mk III Target that I shoot regularly.

Bill sends concise instructions for removing  the factory sight blade and installing his replacement. Removing the factory blade was difficult. It had a long point that did not clear the slot in the sight base. I persevered and pried it out of there without damaging the base.

 Bill's replacement fit in easily. He suggests using a drill bit to compress the spring; I used a large paper clip. This sight was quicker to sight in than any iron sights I have ever used, and I can shoot small groups easily. That's the factory sight next to one of Bill's Ghost Ring sights for comparison.

I don't have pictures of any targets yet because my time was limited behind the barn, but I will be able to nail varmints with no trouble. Click Over To Billlls Idle Mind and look in the left sidebar for his shopping link. One sight blade is $15, and he gives you a discount for multiple blades.

I will be putting these on my Single-Six and the 22/45 Hunter next, so stay tuned. I may even post a video of changing the parts if I can accomplish it without losing parts.

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