Saturday, October 31, 2015

To The Brink And Back

Things have been difficult down on the farm since the late part of August. Pattie Ann developed pneumonia and while she was in the hospital she exhibited symptoms of a heart attack, but she was not diagnosed with one. She was sent home too early, and her antibiotic that was prescribed was not strong enough. She was back in the hospital a few days later with pneumonia in both lungs and fluid around her lungs. The doctor we had that time thought they might have to draw off fluid, so Pat was taken off coumadin, which she has taken since her stroke in '12. Things went downhill fast then. She began showing serious symptoms of heart failure, and having TIA's. Pattie pulled through and came home from the hospital, but recovery has been slow.  She has made big improvements in the last month. She tires out quickly, but she is able to go with us to dog obedience class, for shopping, and has resumed shooting out behind the barn.

Kudos to Susan, who is with her mother 24 hours a day, and many thanks to Jill for spending a week with us to help out.

What started all this? A little bit of taffy. Pattie was eating a piece of taffy and aspirated a bit of it. A few hours later she was coughing up blood. If you ever get to a place in your life when you have difficulty swallowing, remember that. Sugary anything down your windpipe is bad.

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Joel (@Stranded Tree) said...

Your reminder of how life can change in a moment has brought back memories of my own mother. I really don't trust doctors much.

Good news and I hope her recovery continues.