Sunday, June 10, 2012

Click, Close Your Eyes, And Travel To The Alps!

Fans of old music comment back and forth on YouTube; it's a small, suupportive club. lrh1966 sent the link to one of his oldest records, and I am sure you will all enjoy it. Have a listen!

Sometimes I wonder about my sanity, cranking up a phonograph every week for posting on YouTube, but comments like these (From K-K-K-Katy) keep me going:

"For my dear 75 year old mother - now with a bit of dementia......but she can still sing and remember this one well."

"   I met someone with this name and for some reason I must have heard this song and HAD to find out where it was from.  What a wonderful, fun, joyful, happy song.  I still hear over and over the K K K Katie.  And No one (even the OLDER people) could tell me where it came from.  Thanks for putting this on. "

"My mom tought this song to my sisters and I when we were children . Her grand  mom tought her mom and her mom tought her mom and my mom tought us . I tought my girls too. They say it scares them. I am now teaching my grandson. We only know the verse. I never knew this was a whole song. I hope that my family continues teaching this song forever. This is the only thing I have of my great grandma. I am 49yo. WOW this song went far. Thanks for this. "  
"my grandad used to always sing this to me when I was little :-)"

"   My dad sang this to me his entire life. Bless you for this posting, never heard the original. It was one of the first they got when he was a little boy and brings him back to me.  " 
"My granny used to sing this song to me because my name is Katy.  One of my dearest childhood memories. "    


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