Monday, June 4, 2012

A Visit With Jack

 Jack and his wife Beth asked me to come to their farm and drop a snag for them, and after the cutting was done I had a chance to look at their barn, which was built around 1930.  Jack and Beth have been busy jacking up and patching the old building; the repairs are wood from the farm.

 I wonder if I could hire Jack to come down and work on our barn.  This new door is a sturdy beauty.

They have a new plate on top of the foundation all the way around the building now, and have most of the patching done.  They recently had an electrician come out and install lights.  We had that done to our barn as well a few months back, and it sure is nice.

Here is a video of the snag Jack had me drop for him.


KurtP said...

REF: his door
Is that better than just one support diagonal?

It seems to me too much ...workinonit- to really work like it's supposed to- if you know what I mean...

TrueBlueSam said...

I'm the wrong one to ask on this one. It is artsy, if unnecessarily complicated.