Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Just Off The Beaten Path

 We have been bummed out ever since the Hen House Restaurant at Okawville was torn down, and we needed a better place to stop along I-64 than the Diary Kween.  Thanks to the miracle of the Internet, an online search for restaurants near Okawville located a really great meeting and eating place; The Eagle's Nest, at Addieville.

 The Eagle's Nest is easy to find whether  you are east or west-bound.  West-bound travelers should get off at the Nashville exit, and go south one mile to Mockingbird Road, then turn west.  There is one little kink in Mockingbird Road, but you continue west to one of the intersections, and go north one mile, then proceed west again into Addieville.  Just in case you are having heavy rain when you go, proceed into Nashville, turn west on IL Hwy 15, then go north on 160.  The Eagle's nest is west of the grain elevator, and just north of the dark red smithy.

Check it out on Google Earth before you come through Southern Illinois so you can travel this little detour without getting lost.  It's well worth stopping in if it's time to eat.

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