Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Take It Out!

 I was called to look at dogwood with a problem that didn't amount to much, and this decadent pin oak was on the terrace in front of the home.  I told the homeowner that she should have it removed as soon as possible; before it kills someone.  She responded that a city crew came by to remove it (At No Charge!) and she ran them off.

  A big tree like this one would cost a small fortune to remove and haul away, but keeping it for sentimental reasons can be fatal to family, neighbors, pets, and parked cars.   I soon had her convinced to go down to City Hall and tell them that she changed her mind. 

A less obvious problem in this yard is that leaner behind the family pet.  It's a silver maple, which gets very tall, and has weak wood that is prone to rotting.  The shade from the big pin oak caused the maple to lean toward the corner of the house.  It's definitely a problem that should be nipped in the bud, to save trouble and big expense in the future.  After both of these trees are gone, there will be plenty of sunlight to grow a straight, sturdy, long-lived tree.

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