Monday, January 21, 2013

Are You Being Green,...

...or are you getting the green wienie? Here we see a couple of filters from rigs with Diesel engines. Both of these filters have had bio-diesel running through them.  The first is in warm weather, and there is a whole-lotta crud growing in that fuel.

This filter has gelled bio-fuel, during a Southern Illinois winter, which isn't cold enough to gel pure Diesel fuel.(Photo Credit for gelled fuel: Jason Jones)

A few years ago, I was driving a new work truck, and ran into an old friend who was driving a similar truck.  He asked if I had used the E-85 fuel, and I hadn't.  He proceeded to tell me that he had, and the fuel filter kept plugging up with snotty stuff.  It seems that the alcohol draws water out of the air and messes up the E-85 fuel.  Bio-Diesel has similar problems.  It gels in cool weather, while regular Diesel has to get really cold before it does that.  Bio-D also grows crud in it that clogs filters.  It seems that we are being fed lies from our betters, and it is screwing up our lives.

Way back, when we heard that refrigerants R-12 and R-22 were making holes in the ozone layer, I smelled a rat.  After we were changed over to R-134, we all had access to the internet, and the truth became easy to find.  The holes in the ozone layer are naturally occuring at the poles where the magnetic field around our planet curves in, allowing the solar wind to erode the upper atmosphere.  That is why auroras occur, centered around the poles.  NASA explained it very well on Spaceweather, although they didn't mention refrigerants.  We're getting it again...

...There is a new refrigerant that is being promoted, and I don't have a clue why, unless maybe the patent date is about to run out for R-134.  The problem with the new one is that cars tend to burn to the ground if a refrigerant leak occurs.  You know, propane is an excellent refrigerant, and it is probably cheaper than any other refrigerant out there, and it can burn your car to the ground, just as well as the new one that you will soon be forced to buy.  Somebody has spent a bunch of your money to develop this, and you will be buying the newest chemicals on the block, whether you want it or not.  We could go back to ammonia and have people gassed by leaks, without causing fires or ozone holes, or we could go back to R-12 and R-22, which really never caused ozone holes, and didn't burn or gas people.  The one thing that is clear in all of this is that we are being lied to, not just by our government, but also by companies who go along with sleazy politicians so they can hold the bottom line, in spite of government harassment.


B said...

There are decent biocides out there that will prevent the first issue with bio, and Howes does a decent job on the second.

Power service products will also work well.

I run 100 veggie in y diesel in the summer (WVO) and unless you use a biocide, you'll get mold growing in the tank and filter.
I prefer BIO-Kleen for the biocide, and Howes for the anti-gel.


TrueBlueSam said...

Thanks for the note. I wonder why the fuel manufacturers don't include biocide in the blends; and I wonder what the Navy does now that they are burning bio-fuels. It would be a serious bummer to have an engine go down during a tense situation.

If our gasoline blends go to 15% ethanol, folks will need to buy fuel/oil pre-mixed cans, or go to an airport to buy pure gasoline for chainsaws, weed whackers, and leaf blowers.