Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Logs Are Gone!

The loggers moved out the last of their logs on New Year's Day, and have only to truck away the skidder.  We are very pleased with the work these fellows have done.  They cut the trees we wanted cut, with a minimal amount of collateral damage.  The white oaks scattered through the timber came through unscathed, and they should be ready for sale about the time I turn 110.

We shot this little video a few weeks back, and it is fascinating to watch the ease with which the truck driver booms down his load. I especially like the way he flips over the slack in his chains. Note how he uses a cheater on his boomers. He sets up the boomers so they are at the tension he wants, and he could break them over center without the cheater, but that is a good way to bang your knuckles. He uses the cheater, not to over-tension the chains, but to make the breakover easy and painless to his hands.

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