Friday, January 4, 2013

Crankin' It Up, With Brat The Cat

I've been wrestling with Brat Cat for years when I crank up the old Brunswick for the weekly old record. If he bumps the microphone sitting in front of the megaphone it means that I have to start over, but I finally figured out that he can't reach a video cam that is perched on a tripod. This is actually easier than recording a sound file, converting to mp3, and combining it with a photo of the record, so I will probably keep doing the records this way. "Just Around The Corner" is a delightful little fox-trot by Ted Lewis and his band, and now that I have it in the hopper I realize that I need to do it over as an mp3 so I can play it when I'm on the road.

1 comment:

Julie H. said...

You could train him to dust the record off with his tail as it spins :)