Friday, October 25, 2013

Brunswick Closeups

We had a request on YouTube to share the front of the Brunswick, and we always aim to please.  The Brunswick is a garage sale find, and it has plenty of honest wear, and patina, but it's a good machine to enjoy, because the price was right, and the condition problems mean that we can enjoy it without worrying about making a new scratch or two.

There are storage areas on either side of the horn for record albums.  Original albums usually are in very poor condition, and the good ones we handle as little as possible.  Most of our records are in filing cabinets, but some very special records are stored in our upright Victrola, in original Victor record albums.

Hello In There....!  No doubt about who is in charge here.  The photo session was closely supervised.  Volume control is a block that pulls through a cutout in the far back of the horn.  Just pull out the little knob on the right to turn down the volume.

Honest wear and patina.  There are several chips of veneer missing, plus various stains.  Restoration would cost more than the added value, so we just try not to make it any worse.  The spring was broken when bought the Bruns, and we did the repair by riveting the spring back together.  It has held for several years, but I don't wind it too tight.

Brat is in his kingdom when he is on the phonograph.  He likes the heat from the lights, and he likes having his ears rubbed when we do a record.  That is Imogene looking over Brat. 

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