Sunday, October 27, 2013

Planning Ahead For A Flower Bed

We spent a good bit of the day Saturday on this project. We rented a tiller from the local Soil and Water District, and had quite a time attaching it to the little Kubota. It's a six foot tiller, and a five footer would have been plenty. We had to make some changes, but we got it on, and the little tractor could handle the load working up the wildflower beds. They don't have to be tilled deep; stirring the top couple inches mixes the seeds from this year into the soil, and the poppies should put on a stellar show next spring. We will be adding additional seeds for good measure in the days ahead. The new daffodil beds were tilled deeper, with the tractor down in granny low. We tried to prep the wildlife food plot after we finished the flower beds, but a brief trial had the engine wide open, and boiling over in short order. We loaded the tiller on it's little trailer and took it back to the Soil and Water parking lot Sunday morning. You don't have to watch the entire video; it's a bit like watching paint dry. Video Credit: Mrs. True Blue Sam

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