Thursday, October 17, 2013

Crankin' It Up; Doin' It All Over Again

Just Around The Corner; Ted Lewis by TrueBlueSam I've been uploading videos to YouTube for six years, and had a few more than 700 videos there, but YouTube has changed. YT's copyright policy has been tightening up for three or four years, and it has become difficult to understand. Most of the music that I post is either before 1923 (Public Domain), or obscure late 1920's music that doesn't cause any copyright issues. In recent weeks copyright notices were showing up every day from YT, (especially on 100 year old records) and rather than risk losing my account, I pulled all of my videos with music off of YouTube. I am now using DailyMotion for saving my old records; users over there report that it is a friendlier place to post music, even though the rules are pretty much the same. So... here's one of my favorite Ted Lewis songs, moved from YT to DailyMotion! New records will be in the works, too, but the work days have been long this week and I gave Brat a break tonight. Engines, chainsaws, and etc. will still be on my old YouTube channel.

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