Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Winter Weather Forecast!

This Just In....Snow in Southern Illinois during the upcoming winter.

A spoon in a persimmon seed means that you will be shoveling snow.  A knife means that it will be cold.  Grease your boots; this can't be wrong.


Anonymous said...

What are the wooly bear catepillars saying?


David aka True Blue Sam said...

Golly, I had to read up on Wooly Bears. It seems that the dark Wooly Bears I've been seeing mean that we had a long, cool spring. The folks who wrote that actually think that Wooly Bears don't know what's coming. They would probably say the same thing about persimmon seeds. Our weather reports in So. IL come from the NWS down at Paducah, and those educated forecasters have earned the moniker, "Bubba and Big Earl." I am going to stick to my persimmon seeds, and I may bottle some rendered 'possum fat for accurate weather forecasts.