Thursday, February 20, 2014

Big 'un Update

It's been a long day, what with the squall line that blew through this evening, and I didn't have a chance to spend time with Brat on the Brunswick.  I did spend some quality time with Big 'un, and he seems to be recovering well.

You have to remember that this cat was not a tame cat we could handle, and while his eye was hurting he was ready to fight anyone who got near him.  He lets me pick him up now, and he hugs up close to me, but welding gloves help me relax until we get to know each other better. 


Anonymous said...

Yes, sometimes animals know when you are trying to help & will relax.


strandediniowa said...

This is good news, David. How's he getting along with Brat and the Mrs?

One small step at a time. With your patience, he should recover quite well.

David aka True Blue Sam said...

I'm the only one picking him up right now,and he tolerates the Schipperke sitting next to me while I hold him. He earned his name by walking in a crouch like a panther. He still does that, and it makes him look tougher than he is.

We are hearing coyotes every night when we step out, and we have a skunk hanging around that I need to deal with. We also have two barred owls hooting in the yard from evening to daybreak. We should probably wear our hard hats when we step out at night.

Sarthurk said...

I had a stray who was skittish as heck, and, would, when calm enough to sit in my lap, then bolt like a rocket with all ten claws at about mach 2 with the slightest of . Then one time he got an abscess on the top of his head and was beginning to become weak, and the swelling was getting painful. I I pinned him down on the kitchen floor between my legs under some heavy towels,and lanced it, and cleaned it up with a lot of hydrogen peroxide, and put fish mox in his food. After that, I was his best buddy in the world. Total trust. I was amazed.