Monday, February 24, 2014

Blue Monday

Zeke and Brigid have lost Barkley.  What can you say?  We've buried more four-legged friends than I can stand, but we always make room for more.  We couldn't live without them.

 Merky and Cracker,


Toopie.  Brat stayed with him while he recovered from a stroke, and stuck by his side while he died.


Marvin.  Jack sat inside his pen and mourned while I buried him,

and he did the same thing while I buried his companion, HeyJoe.  Learned people will tell you that animals have no soul, but if a pet can call me across hundreds of miles, and if a pet mourns when his friend is dying, are they not as real as we are?

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Anonymous said...

I think they are more real than we are... As I read somewhere once, "If I could only be the person my dog thinks I am!" My condolences to Zeke and Brigid.