Thursday, July 31, 2014

Gary Bahre Gives Us A Bessemer Update

Gary knew he was getting a tough challenge when he loaded the 8 HP Bessemer and took it home.  We had decided long ago that we would never repair it, because it needs more machine work than we were willing to pay for.

Gary has this rare engine disassembled now, and he knows what he will have to do to make it run again.

The main bearings are good, which was a bit of a surprise to us, and the crankshaft is in good shape, too.  We pumped grease into the bearings three decades ago, but I figured they had been damaged when the engine was being used in Eastern Kentucky during its working years.

The cylinder will have to be bored and sleeved.  Gary can cut the intake and exhaust ports in his shop.  He knows a guy with a boring mill to handle the hard part.  The rod is broken, but he knows another guy who is good at fabricating and machining, so a new rod will make the wheels go 'round.

Gary got a pile of parts and a lot of blue sky when he took this one home, but give him a year or a little more, and you will see this one running at shows in Illinois, Indiana, and Kentucky.

Photo Credit: Susan (first photo), and Gary Bahre

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