Wednesday, July 30, 2014

July e-Postal Deadline, Thursday, July 31!

You have one more day to shoot Billll's e-Postal target and send your scans to him.  It's a tough target for .22 rimfire, but we shot our targets and are going to submit our scores.  You should, too. Most of the targets are tough, and low scores are to be expected.  Shooting these contests every month will improve your shooting skills and provide opportunities to shoot with family and friends.  Click the target for the pdf and the rules.

 The Mrs. beat me with the spray and pray method, and even clipped one off in the process.

Susan's Mother Pat shot a very good looking target, but only nailed down 5 points.  The remarkable thing about this is, she is now shooting the Postals without using a rest.  She decided she should hold her pistol up like everybody else, and that is just what she is doing.


Anonymous said...

I broke down & tried a 22 LR last night, but I hedged my bet & used a TC Contender with a 2X rifle scope. It didn't help that much, but OH WELL!!! I'll still send it in - at least I did get a score...


David aka True Blue Sam said...

The Mrs. beat me, and that is a record! I was going careful and slow, she shot in the general location of the Q-Tips and did better than I.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to both the women in your family! Years ago I learned the hard way that the average woman had superior hand-eye co-ordination over the average man. I worked at a place that made printed circuit boards, and discovered real fast why there were only women on the floor. After I saw the test, I decided not to embarress myself & stayed in the shipping department.

Yeah, I counted a LOT on slop - bound to hit something considering how bad I was wobbling! This was one of the toughest yet - those tiny little sticks were a real challenge for my eyes!

Oh well, I still had a good time!