Friday, July 25, 2014

Mr. Completely's August e-Postal Contest...

...brought to you by famed e-Postal shooter, Merle!  Merle has been the most faithful participant of these contests over the years, and he generally enters with a variety of pistols and revolvers.  Merle doesn't have a blog, so we are posting his contest here and on.  Here's the setup:

Your nine year old grand-daughter runs into the farm house – quite excited. She just saw a fox getting into the hen house and tells you she is going to chase it away. But when she does it turns on her and chases her up a tree. She is screaming her little head off as it snaps at her heels! You grab your pistol and run outside to deal with the situation. The fox is now stumbling toward you and your mind flashes to the rabies epidemic in the next county. You must act fast – and decisively – or else!
You must avoid a head shot to allow for rabies testing, so don’t use that bullseye.
Go here for the target.

Print three of these targets. If you’re like me you MAY not be as good one-handed as you should be. It would be good to know that before the skill is needed.
1.     Take one shot at each of the bullseyes on the target (using both hands) shooting as fast as you safely can, or as fast as your range allows.  Avoid the head, for a total of four shots per target.
2.     Repeat.
OPTIONAL: if you elect to use strong hand only add 5 bonus points to your score. 
3.     Repeat.
OPTIONAL: if you elect to use weak hand only add 10 bonus points to your score.
DISTANCE: 5 to7 yards, since this is a small target.
SHOOTING POSITION: Standing, unsupported.

Iron sights OR optical (includes red dots, scopes or lasers)
CLASS ONE: Any rimfire handgun with iron sights.
CLASS TWO: Any rimfire handgun with optical sights.

: Any centerfire handgun with iron sights.

CLASS FOUR: Any centerfire handgun with optical sights.

CLASS FIVE: Anything else; airguns, crossbow pistols, airsoft, muzzle loaders, etc. Shoot it and send it in.

Shoot as many guns as you can, multiple guns per class are fine (as inspired by Mr. C) but only one entry per gun please. You may find it helps to put up a sighter target to be sure of where you are shooting – the first shot is the most important shot here.

SCORING: Add up the points for each bullseye; any shot touching the next higher rings gets the higher score. Any shot completely outside of the rings scores zero.

Mark each target with:
the name you want used
gun make/model
any comments (or excuses) that apply; It’s OK to get creative, I do! Entertainment is always welcome.

List your score (plus any bonus points) for each target, plus the grand total for all targets.

Make a scan or take a photo of your targets and send to: truebluetravelinman (at) gmail (dot) com (Do the translation.)

Include photos from the range and your gun if you like.

Good luck!!!
There you have it!  It looks like a good contest, and I will be shooting with one hand on targets 2 and 3, because I need the practice.  You can still shoot the July contest through the end of the month.  Click Here or on the July target on the left side of this page.


Billll said...

Should we send in one set of targets shot each way or just the best set we can manage?
The bonus points are to the overall score or per target?

David aka True Blue Sam said...

Bonus points per target...Send all your scores in, it's easy to add lines to a table. I'm going to shoot it the easy way and the hard way, just to see how I do. If you shoot with both hands you need just one target. I don't think the bonus points will make up for the points I lose shooting one-handed, but I'm going to give it a try in the morning.