Monday, February 15, 2016

How I Feel...

...about going to work tomorrow.  Gotta do it, but my heart ain't in it.  I will look for inspiration tomorrow while I am out.  If I don't find it, I will start posting more of our cats.  Thank You to all of our friends, both local and Internet who have helped us over the last few days.  We are unscathed physically, the house will soon be back in order, we have wheels in the garage, and of course we have Schipperkes.  Life is Good!


Merle Morrison said...

The bottom line remains the same: you are all safe, property was the only loss, the punk is in jail.

Now to get yourselves calmed down & back into the groove - while incorporating your "lessons learned" into your daily routine.


David aka True Blue Sam said...

We are getting there! Work was good today and everyone wanted to hear all about it. The Game Warden in our office offered useful advice for the home. Susan is watching the second night of the Westminster Dog Show, and I just came in from sharpening saws. I will be cutting trees tomorrow, looking at timber on Thursday, and going to a meeting on Friday that should be an e-mail.

We are going to Pistol League this week and will be going over the events of last week for everyone's benefit.

The insurance adjuster will go over the car early tomorrow so Susan can take the damage totals to the State's Attorney. He needs numbers for the arraignment on Thursday. Susan is going to ask for an order of protection against him just in case he should make bail. The carpet is ripped out in Pat's room now because of glass shards. We are forging ahead.