Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Video Cameras Should Be Welded To The Tripod.

I was about to wedge over this tree, grabbed my pocket camera out of my coat and handed it to one of the swampers who was standing there watching me.  I started it recording and told him to video me.  As soon as I turned my back he moved WAY back, for a tree that wasn't any danger to him, and then he turned it 90 degrees, so you don't get to see my brilliant wedging action with three different wedge setups to tip a tree near the limits.  Oh Well.  I trimmed off the start and this segment begins just before a limb falls next to me.  One of the guys said "You didn't even jump when that fell!"  Well, it was too late to jump when I heard it hit the ground.  This was the smallest tree we dropped today and I wish there was a way to record the bump you feel when a big tree trunk hits the ground all at once.  Everybody cracks a grin.  This one didn't do anything memorable, but it was a good lesson in setting up wedges for the crew.

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Merle Morrison said...

I was beginning to think that one was never coming down!