Monday, April 11, 2016

Midwest Schipperke Rescue

 We hooked up with Midwest Schipperke rescue back in December, and that is how Junior came to our doorstep.  He was a good match for us, with good country-dog smarts, and we adopted him.  Midwest called on Saturday and asked if we could head north to Vandalia to pick up two female Schips that had just been surrendered to a shelter because their owner had to go to a nursing home.
These little girls are Barbie and Missy.  They are good looking Shipperkes with the stocky legs and body shape that the breed is known for.  Barbie is seven, and Missy appears to be about ten years old.  They have been cleaned up and brushed and are settling into life in the library, away from the other dogs.  They made a trip to our vet today for some immediate needs, and will be available for adoption through Midwest Schipperke Rescue after dental work is taken care of.  They are already responding to us and walking fairly well on leash.  They do their business when we take them out in the yard, and they make fine lap warmers.

This rescue business is hard work!


Anonymous said...

May God bless you.
Al from N.M. enjoy your blog

David aka True Blue Sam said...

Thank You, Al!