Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Sometimes The Magic Works!


John said...

Good video, I will have to try the stick trick, and and proof why I should not be dropping trees.
Thank you.

jon spencer said...

I have told this story many times.

Years ago I dropped a Sugar Maple that was almost as large as this one.
It was within twenty feet of a garage. With a slight lean away from the garage and large branches in the direction of the lean. With about a 10 mph wind blowing in the direction that I wanted the tree to fall.
The tree ended up exactly on the ground where I wanted it.
But during the back cut, the tree spun a few degrees on its axis.
This spin grabbed the saw out of my hands and it ended up under the trunk when it came down.
I had a good escape path and used it.
I salvaged the pull handle and the outer part of the clutch, every thing else on the saw was broken or bent.
There was much more punky wood in that tree than expected.
Sometimes even when everything looks good, things go wrong.
At least I got to buy a new saw.