Monday, April 4, 2016

Tuesday Torque: Early Tractors

Tractors have been evolving since they were first built, and some of the early ones are bizarre by modern standards. IHC built one cylinder hit-and-miss tractors a bit more than a century ago, and they really were just a self-propelled stationary engine for belt work around the farm. It is hard to believe that they built tractors with hit-and-miss engines, but they sure did.The big twin cylider Mogul tractors were made for both traction and belt work, and that engine makes a lovely sound. IHC built their first lightweight tractors in 1912 with automobile type steering and lighter, faster turning engines.

Video by RumelyTractor.


Merle Morrison said...

What a beast!!!


David aka True Blue Sam said...

Click the YouTube logo in the lower right to get it in another tab and you can listen to it as if it has four cylinders! I have to try it in three tabs and listen to six. My dad noticed many years ago that if two John Deeres were working nearby they would sound like a 4 cylinder engine when the timing came together.