Monday, January 1, 2018

Could You Make This Shot?

Thirty yards, sitting still, it should be easy with a 4X scope.

Of course you could.  Heart/Lungs or brain shot.  But you won't, because water/ice is behind.  Easy shot; not gonna do it.


LL said...

Pelet gun shot, but why would I want to kill the rodent?

David aka True Blue Sam said...

Grays are much better eating than fox squirrels, which I love to watch in our trees. Grays also push fox squirrels out of our habitat. I can't find anyone who will hunt them, though. Everyone went nuts for deer hunting in Illinois and hardly anyone hunts squirrel nowadays. Cleaning them is a lot of work for the amount of meat you get. I quit hunting squirrels when I got into hunting groundhogs. There's a meal for the family, and sandwich meat for the next day!

jim rock said...

Youtube: Slickest way to skin a squirrel.
Been doin it that way for years.
Don't care for the fish breading though.

Merle said...

Easy shot, but the background is problematic.....


jon spencer said...

I stopped shooting the squirrels with a .22, now I shoot them with a air-soft. That way I can shoot them over and over. However they learn. The window starts to open and they take off running.
With the pellets even if they ricochet off the ice or water the distance that they will travel is very short.
Have not broken a window with short range straight on hits.
Many of the pellet manufactures make bio-degradable ones.
Quieter too, the clacking of the action is the loudest sound.
Electric full auto guns are readily available.
Those are fun. Even if you are just bouncing a Solo cup across the lawn.