Monday, January 1, 2018

How To Drink Whiskey???!

This guy makes a horrible mistake, and if you just bought an expensive bottle of single malt, I hope you have more sense than to throw away the first you pour into your glass.  Rinse your glass with water first, for crying out loud!  Here is what he didn't tell you, and what you need to tell your kid going off to college so he/she doesn't have to puke their guts up in the dormitory rest room.  NEVER drink hard liquor straight from the bottle!  Pour a little bit into a glass.  Add a little water, or whatever you wish to dilute it with, or add to the flavor.  Sip it slowly and make it last.  Drink some water.  Wait.  If you are not driving, you may have another; also measured into a glass, diluted a bit, and sipped slowly.  Others who do not know this may be observed in the morning in the restroom puking their guts out.  I have been thanked for this advice, and if you pass it along, you will too!

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pigpen51 said...

Yeah, I saw this, and thought, if I spend the kind of money on a bottle of whiskey that these cost, there ain't no way in hell I am dumping it on the floor. If you don't trust your tap water, get a filter pitcher to use. As to the rest of his advice, I got bored with it after awhile, but most of it was pretty good. In a bar, when I played music, I got one free drink per set. So I always had a shot of good scotch. the best they had, even if they made me pay a little for the extra cost. I had them add one ice cube. That was the only sure way to get a close amount of water to it. If you asked for a splash of water, you would get anything from a drop to half a glass. No, in that setting an ice cube was the way to go. And 4 scotch's during a 5 hour night was the perfect amount to guarantee that you could drive home, and wake up feeling human. If they didn't have anything worthwhile, I would just stick to beer from the tap. It was cold, I could drink it fast and go out and smoke a cigarette before my next set. Actually,now that I am retired, I should think about trying to get some of the old guys together and take some gigs. I used to play the sax, but now I think I would go with the guitar of bass. I don't have sax anymore and a decent one, even used is way too much scratch. A good mouthpiece alone is around 2 bills.