Monday, January 29, 2018

Tuesday Torque: Big Engines At Coolspring!

Merle spotted this video and sent it to us a couple weeks ago.  Have you ever heard of an H layout of an engine?  I never heard of it, but after seeing it I realize that I have seen that layout in a compressor station in Eastern Kentucky many years ago.  I am sure that is long gone now!  Many Thanks, Merle!


John in Philly said...

That is a very nice video.
No annoying music track.
No waving the camera around wildly.
The herringbone gearing on the big Worthington pump was awesome.
The quick shot of the overhead gas flame lighting makes me appreciate the modern LED lights all that much more.
I was agreeing that I hadn't ever seen an H pattern engine, but then I realized all Subarus have an H pattern engine.

Thank you for posting the video.

Billll said...

Had one like that only much smaller in one of the boiler rooms on Nellis AFB. I suppose it's still there.

David aka True Blue Sam said...

Billll: That would be a real challenge for a collector to nail down!