Friday, January 12, 2018

The January Thaw Has Expired!

I woke up this morning at 6A and opened the weather app on the phone.  The screen was totally blue.  I thought the phone was busted, then I zoomed out.  Crappy weather.  It was freezing rain last night when we went to bed, then it switched to sleet sometime in the night.

When I walked the dogs it was mix of sleet and big snowflakes; very noisy.  Lisa didn't know what to think.  She is from Midland, Texas, and probably has never seen weather like this.  Pretty soon she was dancing in it, though.

There is good traction on the back roads.  Sleet with snow on top is easy to drive on as long as you pay attention.  The worst part is the cold wind that continues to blow.  Even though there is not much loose snow on top, it moves, and there is drifting to watch for on the backroads.

We have our countermeasures. Both wood stoves are going, and I scraped out the chimneys yesterday to prepare for a cold snap.  During cold weather I run a fire on one side of the firebox and set wood on the other side to warm up and finish drying.  It is usually blackened and cracked when I roll it onto the fire, so it takes off immediately instead of skunking along when we want heat.

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