Sunday, July 25, 2021

Cut it, Chop It, Grind It!

 If you think you are rough and tough, see if you can match the guys on the wagons stacking corn off that one row machine.

Back To The Old Grind!


Rick said...

I enjoyed this video. I've cared for working horse but nothing like this. The land is so beautiful I want to cry.

Early in the video I was already thinking it was pretty rough (for the horse, at least) to have the horse continually walk through the rows. And before I got a clear view of it, I thought if the horse were wearing blinders, that the corn would get caught between the blinders and the horse's eye. Corn leaves can cut, how does the horse not get it's eyes cut up?

It is a good driver and a trained horse that keeps the horse walking through that single stand when the urge is to walk to the side.

It seems a waste to bail the sheaves then send that bailing twine through the chopper. How does the animal not ingest what must be a lot of bailing twine over the course of the winter and spring?

Merle said...

I lived in Lancaster for a while while I worked at Ford tractor. It was a totally different place...