Thursday, January 26, 2023

Long Time, No See


Susan and I took a little detour this week to look at a tree planting project that I hadn't seen since its first year.  It looks pretty good.

I remember meeting with the landowner at his shop after he picked up his seedlings. He told me he was going to put them in his pond for a few days before he planted. Whoa! I got that straightened out, and went over seedling prep and care. 

I delivered a tree planting machine first thing the next day, and he had a small crew working on his seedlings. One guy was winding roots up tight in pigtails so he could plant them easily. Whoa, again! How do people think of such ideas?  Got that straightened out, too.

I just checked the acreage on Google and it is about 18.5, so they planted about 8100 trees. The cedars you see are volunteers, and they are good for migrating birds and other wildlife in need of a little shelter. It looks pretty darn good.


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