Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Billll and Mr. Completely Show Us How It's Done

I have a bit of assembling to do before I post the scores for September, but while you wait, have a look at these targets by two great shooters with good equipment, and fine coordination.

Billll scored himself at 240 on this perfect target, but those are real nuts on the target, and they overlap, so it is a 250. Billll shot this with his almost-antique Remington Nylon 66, with a scope, at 50 feet.

Mr. Completely shot his perfect target with one of his home-built High Standards, topped with a Leupold scope. He used a rest, and cleared his target with five shots. The second target was shot with his Steel Challenge High Standard, with the OKO red dot sight; OFFHAND! He cleared all ten walnuts with ten shots standing, unsupported! If you have been fortunate enough to be coached by Mr. C, you know that he is a dynamic style shooter. He shoots on the move, and when his sights come onto the steel plate, the trigger squeeze commences. I think that is why you see edgers on this target. At 25 feet, it is closer than the targets he usually shoots, and this just goes to show how well his practice and competition regimen works.

Stay tuned for the scores tomorrow night, and in the meantime, go over to Traction Control for the October Mr. Completely e-Postal Contest. Windage and Elevation! Very tight windage on this one; a little room to spare on elevation.

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