Monday, October 1, 2012

Ruger's Current Auctions For Project Valour-IT

Last week the hammer fell on the M77 rifle in .358 Winchester, and you all missed a very rare and useful gun at a great price.  It went for only $1075, not even $100 over suggested retail for current models, and Ruger has not had .358 Winchester in their catalog for many years.  But, life is good, and Ruger has two pistols in their current auctions that will be loved by collectors and shooters alike.  The pistol that sells this week is a brand new, in the box, Mk I, and they haven't made this model for about thirty years.

The bid as of Sunday night was $625, so if you have been wanting one of these, now vintage, pistols, go to the GunBroker page for this auction, and bid. Only two days until it sells; don't put off bidding!

The newest item to come from the Ruger vaults is a very rare beast, indeed.  This is a U.S. Government marked Mk II pistol that was returned to Ruger for a broken grip panel.  That has been repaired, and I am guessing that Ruger simply sent the miltary a replacement pistol, because this one has been resting in their collection since the repair.  During the time when Ruger was making these target pistols for the military, none of them were sold to the public.  After the contract was finished, Ruger sold these to the public, but with different markings.  You can read all about it on the Gun Broker page for this item, but if you buy this gun, you will very likely own the only one like it.  The current bid on Sunday night is $712, so a few collectors have noticed.  Check it out on GunBroker, and don't be bashful about bidding.  You may win a very fine, and rare pistol, and help buy voice activated computers for wounded warriors. 

Thank You, Ruger, for your generosity, and support  of our soldiers.

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