Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Ruger's Valour-IT Auction

This US marked Service Six revolver is in the same class as the US marked Mk II that was recently offered and sold. There are no US marked guns like this out in circulation. This is the only one! It definitely is a valuable collectible item, whether you are planning to use it, or squirrel it away in your gun safe. Be a good-deed-doer, and bid on this gun. Win it, and you have a shooter, or a collector's item....and you help a wounded soldier.   The auction for this fine revolver ends mid-day Wednesday.

The new item on the auction block is this Super Blackhawk Convertible, in .44 Magnum and 44-40.  Only 1200 of these were manufacture in 1990 and 1991.  Click Here to check it out on GunBroker.

Bidders were paying attention when this Green Beret 10/22 came to the deadline.  It had twenty-one bids and brought in $3050 for Project Valour-IT.  Wow!
Don't be afraid to bid if you see a gun you like while Ruger is running this program.  As in any auction, you set a limit before you bid, and stick to it.  Whether or not you participate in these auctions, visit Ruger's website and send a Thank You to Ruger's CEO.  Move your cursor over News and Resources in the top bar, scroll down to Tell The CEO, and send Mr. Fifer a letter thanking him.

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