Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Landscape Is Gettin' All Yellered Up

The day lilies are just about done, and the trees are putting on quite a show.  The drought had me thinking we would have a dull fall, but the rains from Labor Day on have made a great difference.

 Yellow is the dominant color, with hickory, persimmon, sweetgum, green ash, and sycamore showing plenty of that, but we also have scarlet in sumacs and black gum, plus various shades of red, yellow and purple in sweetgum, white ash, and persimmon.  Sugar maples seem to be strongly orange this fall.

 Some of the fruit adds little splashes of color, too

Sassafras is very colorful this year with its standard mix of red and yellow.

I didn't take any photos, but an odd thing most folks miss is the red from poison ivy that grows up trees along the road.  It often shows more color than the tree it has climbed. 

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