Friday, October 19, 2012

Crankin' It Up: Be Careful Not To Split Your Sides

Cohen On The Telephone was recorded in 1913, and the premise is that this is the first time Mr. Cohen has used a telephone.  I first listened to this recording nearly fifty years ago, and it was funny the first time.  I didn't listen to it again until recent years, and it suddenly is funny again because of the difficulties we have talking on cell phones as we go about our business; and maybe because my hearing isn't what it used to be.  This record is supposed to be ethnic humor, but I don't think it really qualifies for that anymore.  It sure can be related to if you have ever had a call fade after you dropped over the top of a hill, or the party on the other end fills a glass with ice while you are trying to hear them. 

One of the other record collectors who posted this recording described it as "hilarious."  That sounds a bit hopeful to me, but I think you will enjoy it, and maybe have a chuckle or two.

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