Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ruger's Current Auctions For Project Valour-IT

Ruger keeps putting special guns up for bid, and is donating 100% of the proceeds to Soldiers' Angels Project Valour-IT, to purchase voice activated laptops for wounded soldiers.  Folks weren't paying attention last week, and the stainless Service Six snubby went for about $100 less than you would have to pay for a current production GP-100 snubby.  These auctions are definitely worth watching and bidding.

Wednesday, Ruger will be selling a very special 10/22.   From the GunBroker auction page, "This is the fourth of six consecutive serial-numbered “Green Beret” 10/22 Carbine rifles Ruger is auctioning off. The serial number of this rifle is 110-63736 and the rollmark date is May 31, 1973."

From Ruger's Facebook page, here is the info you need for the newest auction item: "We have another great auction this week! This time around it's a Service-Six® Military Model double-action revolver and is marked “U.S.” at the right front of the frame. All the proceeds from this auction will be going to support the Soldiers' Angels Project Valour-IT. So head on over to Gunbroker.com to place your bid today!"

This revolver is in the same class as the US marked Mk II that was recently offered and sold.  There are no US marked guns like this out in circulation.  This is the only one!  It definitely is a valuable collectible item, whether you are planning to use it, or squirrel it away in your gun safe.  Be a good-deed-doer, and bid on this gun.   Win it, and you have a shooter, or a collector's item....and you help a wounded soldier.  Thank You, Ruger, for your generosity.

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