Friday, October 12, 2012

Crankin' It Up: Adventure And High Drama

More than fifty years ago, when I began school in a little one room school house, our teacher talked about Robert Peary and the expeditions to the North Pole. It was only fifty years prior to that time, and folks still marveled at the difficulty of the struggle to reach the Pole. Nowadays, folks don't place so much value on it, and of course the naysayers contend that Peary really never knew if he was on the Pole or not. He certainly was at least very close, and probably all around it, and I don't think there are many who would even attempt it today with equipment made with 1909 technology. Think dogs, Eskimo-built sledges, and furs; probably woolen underwear. This recording was made by Commander Robert E. Peary sometime between December 1909 and March 1910, and was picked up by Mrs. True Blue Sam at a rummage sale in St. Louis a few weeks ago. Two recordings later, Shackleton tells of his dash to the pole. I've told the Mrs. to hit the rummage trail again before she leaves Missouri and find that Shackleton recording, but I'm not holding my breath.

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