Sunday, October 14, 2012

Not My Victrola: Too True

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Mrs. True BLue Sam has been gone for three months now; since the night that her Mother Pat suffered a stroke. They are both in St. Louis, and hope to be finishing up rehab within the next month so they can come home.

It has been a long struggle for both of them. When Pat had her stroke, she couldn't even swallow, and Susan had to keep her airway open as we rushed to the ER in Mt. Vernon.  We were blessed that she landed on her side and not her back when she fell, or she would have drowned.  The day that I took her dogs to visit, she could barely walk with assistance, and her left arm was useless.  Her face was still paralyzed on the left side.

Her tormentors  therapists have her walking about 1/4 mile per day now, and she can climb in and out of a car, even a utility vehicle.  ( A one day visit at the farm.)  When going up and down steps, or in and out of a car you have to say: "The good go up; The bad go down."  You have to use your good leg up first, and your bad leg down first.  Normal activities require extra thinking, and it becomes a family thing, in order to make things work right.  Pat can stand at a kitchen counter now, and prepare food; which has always been important for her.  Pushing Teddy off of her lap when he climbs up to love on her is still difficult.  At least Teddy is happy to ride in the back.  Liza is a bit sensitive about that, and has to ride up front.


Anonymous said...

I'm happy to hear of her progress, and send her best wishes for a quick return home. Thanks for the update!


linda said...

I'm glad Pat is progressing I know this has been hard on all of you.
hope the transition home goes well.