Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Ruger's Project Valour-IT Auctions

Ruger keeps on amazing me with the guns they pull out of the vault to sell for the benefit of wounded soldiers through Soldiers' Angels Project Valour-IT. The one that will sell this week is a US marked Mk II Target model; probably the only one like it outside of the military. The price has risen to a realistic level for a gun of this quality and rarity, but it is not unaffordable. The Mk II was a significant upgrade from the Mk I, with the cutouts at the back of the receiver and the ten round magazine. Many shooters look for Mk II's to avoid the magazine safety and the loaded chamber indicator on Mk III's. I get along fine with the Mk III system, and I find the loaded chamber indicator very handy for verifying that a cartridge stripped off the magazine, but if you want a good Mk II, you won't find a better one anywhere.

Ruger will sell a .357 Speed Six next week, and they aren't making any more of these.  It was manufactured in 1985, and you can read all about it HERE, or click the picture.

The hammer falls mid-day Wednesday for the Mk II, so don't put off looking and bidding.

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