Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Birthday Range Report

Mom began her birthday celebration by getting certified to use the county shooting range. This required only a brief course to learn the rules of range safety and etiquette. We gathered several types of .22 ammo to try in her new Walther P22 and went out to punch paper. She had some old Federal bulk pack ammo that did not make the action function reliably, and we found that CCI Stingers would sometimes fail to fire; I am guessing the nickel plating makes the case a bit too tough for this little pistol. She also had some old Remington Thunderbolts that worked very well, and we found that CCI Mini Mags and Velocitors never failed. How did the 77 year old Birthday Girl like her pistol? She didn't want to stop shooting! Check out the video; she had a blast!

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Xavier said...

Nice shootin' gal!