Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sightseeing Where?

I've been up in Iowa visiting family and I did some looking around and reminiscing while I was there. The Dublin general store was built in 1874, and was used up until 1964. It is leaning north and east, and the foundation rocks have settled in so the siding is down to the ground. There will have to be some major repairs soon if it is to be saved. There is a new tin roof on it, so this old building has friends.
I was surprised to see the old wooden bridge over what used to be the Milwaukee Railroad at Grace Hill. It looks just as good as it did years ago.

The old church at Grace Hill has had a tin roof as long as I can remember, and it has a good foundation. It is still used for a community reunion every year. It is far enough out in the sticks that vandals don't seem to find it.

This old school building east of Grace Hill is losing its roof, so it is a short timer. When I was in high school, the owner used it as a shop where he rebuilt engines. He overhauled a Model T engine for me; that is what he learned on when Model Ts were in common use.

I was surprised to learn from this sign that the Copperhead movement was active in Iowa. A lot of Iowa men fought for the Union. Illinois had lots of Copperheads, but they were concentrated in the southern end of the state.

This old school building is well preserved, and even the shed has been fixed up. The shed was for the teacher to stable her horse, and for storage of firewood or coal.

There are still two outhouses.

It's no wonder this sign is on the door;


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