Sunday, July 6, 2008

Pass It On; Pass It Back!

My parents started my firearm education early. As kids we had cap guns, and were taught early on that we were never to point even a toy gun at one another. Dad had us shooting his .22 at about age 8, and he bought an Ithaca Model 49 single shot for us when I was 10. When I got out on my own I began collecting guns I liked, but never got into semi-auto pistols. I started our son shooting when he was just a little tyke, and he learned how to shoot muzzleloading rifles, revolvers, rimfire and centerfire rifles, plus handloading at home. He has paid me back by learning the skills needed to operate semi-auto pistols. When he comes home he brings his Springfield 1911, and he has taught me all the drills and skills you need for the 1911.

Dad passed away two years ago, so Mom is living alone now. She has been concerned because the .38 snubbie she keeps handy in her home is difficult for her to operate, and the recoil is a bit much for her arthritic hands. I did some research on line about small semi-autos that might work as a replacement for her .38, then I took her shopping. She looked at several models and settled on a Walther P22. This little gun gets good reviews and is easy for her to operate.

It is a small gun, but in her little hand it appears full size! She is already able to run through the function and operating drills, and will hit the range this week to break it in. She is as happy as a kid with a new toy.
When we finished the shopping for her new pistol we looked at the Air Soft guns. I have a nephew turning 8 years old in a few days who is showing interest in guns already. I looked at several models and settled on this one to get him started. I will be dropping in on him today and expect to see some smiles.

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