Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A Schipperke Of Note

 Schipperkes have been important dogs in my life for nearly fifty years.  My first employer had a Schipperke (named Skipper!) and he was a great friend and companion dog.  He guarded his appliance store at night, and went on delivery and service runs.  He wouldn't go out a door until you told him it was OK.  Here we see Skipper on the roof of Jarvis' 1919 Model T truck during a local event in Washington, Iowa in the late 1960's.

Skipper attended Midwest Old Threshers for many years.  These photos, from The Greatest Steam Show On Earth, by Dana Close Jennings, North Plains Press, 1969, show Skipper and Yale Jarvis on the footboard of Harold Jarvis' 18 HP Advance Rumely traction engine.  (Click the pic to enlarge.)

Skipper lived to the ripe old age of sixteen, which is not unusual for a Schip.  He was a good dog, and he is missed by all who knew him.


Jeanie G said...

I've has Schipperke's since I was a kid.Wonderful dogs I'll never understand why they aren't more popular

David aka True Blue Sam said...

They are pretty special. Here's our little buddy: http://truebluesam.blogspot.com/2012/10/newest-addition-to-family.html

Skip's a great little dog, and we are looking for another rescue Schip.