Monday, March 17, 2014

Hid Behind A Leafy Screen

I stumbled across this backwoods Nissan, and in another couple weeks it will be invisible when everything leafs out.  I have walked by it a couple times in recent years and never saw it before.  I will make a point out of not walking near it again.

It seems that this old hatchback has been resurrected as a hothouse for starting someone's backcountry garden.  I have run into gardeners out in the woods in years past, and they are generally an unfriendly lot.  It's about time to  move plants from the grow-lights to hothouses, so this is one spot I will be sure to avoid.

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Anonymous said...

Might just mention it to the Sheriff & see if that does any good.I know that when I lived in CA there were places in the National Forests where it was not wise to explore. Later on it got a lot worse, with booby traps, etc.