Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Revisiting A Mystery Junker

I posted a photo of this old hulk last year, and Merle rightfully asked what it was.  Well, I hadn't checked when I shot the photo, so I went back and took a closer look.

The builder's tag says it is a Ford, manufactured in October, 1972.  I never noticed before that Ford made four-door Mavericks, but that sure is what this sad old sheet metal resembles.  Ford experts are requested to comment to confirm or correct the model of this car.  I haven't had any luck searching for the body style number on the 'net.

Looks like a good taillight lens....

The tag:


Anonymous said...

The roof line looks more like a Torino than a Maverick. If there was more of the front end it would be easier to be sure.

I wouldn't want to bet very much on either model.


JimmyDean said...

I am voting the Mav - Why anyone would have ever purchased a 4-door mav I don't know but I grew up riding shotgun in one... looking hust like this until my best bud got to talking to a girl while backing up ..... into a light-pole - didn't take much to place the foot and a half V shaped dent in the trunk - His dad was not happy! Jim the chainsaw trainer from IFRC