Wednesday, March 19, 2014

That New Lone Ranger Movie....

...that the critics hated, and it lost at the box office.  It caught my interest, and I waited patiently until the price at the big box store dropped below full retail.  Johny Depp is an off-the-wall Tonto, and didn't play any of the traditionl "Me Go Town" lines of the old Lone Range TV show.  Armie Hammer played a very unlikely Lone Ranger, and the movie worked for our little family.  One thing that remained true to the old values of the Lone Ranger was that he didn't kill any bad guys himself; he shot the guns out of their hands even better that he did in the old shows from my  childhood.  Get a load of the trains used to film this movie in the video below.  Ignore the critics, and get this movie for a good time.

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